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Perfect Jungle that All

Once in a jungle lived two bear brothers they loved ther jungle and hated the humans who destroyed it and they always used to scare those human but the bears were kind hearted from inside but one day a hunter came in the jungle witch was hired to kill them but the bears were not noing about it they thought that he was here to cut trees and destroy the jungle they rushed at him with intenstion to scare him but when they reached near him the hunter had took out his gun and was going to fire but then from the behind came a monkey and snached hunter’s gun then the hunter had no choice but run away but he promised that he will come again another day and take his revenge and after that the jungle was peasfull for many years but one day the hunter returned with many other hunters to take his revenge and destroy the jungle they attacked every animal and put the jungle on fire but the bears were to kind herted to kill anyone but when the trees were on the fire and the animals were captured the kig of the jungle lion came and attacked a hunter surpisingly and the other hunter were also scared and was running back but the lion did not left anyone and soon all were killed and the animals were saved but the jungle was destroyed and turned into ashes and then the lion said that we have to search for a new jungle because the jungle was turned into ashes other animals agreed that and started searching for a new home after walking for many days they found a new jungle and were thinking to live there but the problem was the jungle was very dark sunlight din’t reached the ground then they begin to think should we live here or not some of the animals agreed but some did not like bears,tiger and many more they said that it is not posible for us to live here so they leaved the jungle and moved on and after a month they found a perfect jungle that all the animals can agree on liveing and they lived happly after that,

Manas srivastav
Student of class 8th in DPS gorakhpur



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